Gavin's Deposition and Dustin Trammel's are the deposition's I'm most looking forward to hearing about

Gavin's been famously cagey about his stance on CSW these days. However, in deposition format he has immunity to NDA violations and he is under oath. I'm very curious about what new things we might learn about the magic show Craig put on for Gavin and about Gavin's current stance regarding CSW.
I did a whole Tweet storm on Dustin Trammell. The TLDR is he's an early miner who was mining as early as January 11th at least.
Every time Craig has tried to produced a list of what Bitcoin addresses were his he's fucked up in some way. He told the NSW court about his addresses and ended up claiming to control an address that not only didn't belong to him, but which has signed recently calling him a liar and a fraud, but he also accidentally claimed an address known to belong to the person who robbed Mt. Gox.
More recently he claimed he "definitely controlled" an address known to belong to Mike Hearn. In an effort to guard against self-incrimination he desperately enlisted the services of his bumbling CTO over at nChain, Shadders, and aforementioned CTO fucked up that "very careful analysis," which was rejected on principle as inadequate. There's little question that somewhere in the "Tulip Trust documents" delivered by his "bonded courier" there's an egregious mistake where he misattributes some address to Satoshi that can be proven not to belong to Satoshi and/or omits known addresses. The question is can the plaintiffs demonstrate that. If so the penalty will likely be additional sanctions against him from Bloom.
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Ducatus, from analogies of the roman empire to MLM-cryptoscam

​ The other day I checked out a "recruiting" meeting of Ducatus, a so called fork of LTC.
Short backstory...About 3 years ago my grandma got talked into OneCoin, a crypto scam, almost as big as the classic “my wife still doesn’t believe in me”. Anyways she “invested” 5000€ in OneCoin and now I’m trying to find someone who deserves being an “early investor” more than her... I already posted a threat in OneCoin seeking for help, but I came to realisation that the only way to get the money back would be a private sell of her account. It’s kind of a fucked up thing to do, sort of like intentionally spreading a disease, but honestly fuck it if there is a OneLife Fam member who is already so delusional and can’t resist buying a cheap OneFakeWallet (ofc not a new “investor”) it’s at those meetings. So far for my intentions of even attending something like this...
Back to Ducatus, the new bright star on the horizon of Cryptocurrencies. The event I attended was presented by a guy, which is probably in his 30’s and, who would’ve thought, the demographic of the audience was about 20-30 years older than him. Heck I was the only one in the 20’s in there... First he just talked about how bitcoin made ppl rich, then quickly went on further explaining how bitcoin won’t be able to become the “thing that’ll buy you a coffee” and yeah so and so on...He even mentioned that there are already thousands of other cryptos, which he didn’t bother going into detail about tho...
Finally he explained why Ducatus is a good buy:
Dustin D. Trammel, one of the earlier bitcoin miners, who was being talked about for the majority of the time, mostly conveying it in a way like he is 100% involved in the project and through that making ppl think there is actually someone who worked with the inventor of blockchain to score some credibility for making up another crypto. But in reality Ducatus(SwissMine) is just a client of trammel ventures, being provided with standard block chain service like every other client who pays them... Funny thing is the CEO of Ducatus/SwissMine(Ronny Andreas Tome)sold a villa for quite some BTC’s back in 2014 and apparently, according to them(found no source) the buyer was Dustin Trammell. But that’s all just to make everything seem more trustworthy to the elderly, uneducated(in terms of Blockchain) audience.
Also it will be the day to day useable crypto, because there is a cafe chain in Singapore which already uses it as a payment method (which surely belongs to their company) Then he elaborated, as mentioned above, on how BTC won’t be a way to pay for mundane goods because of its price volatility and scalability etc., which is true, but then comparing it with how the first Ducatus transaction was instantaneous...Duh ofc it’s gonna be quick if you only have one transaction on a centralized ledger. And there are so much other projects out there that solved most of the problems already (ie. Nano). But how are you supposed to know that if you know nothing about the technology to begin with... Then he said that Ducatus will hit exchanges on 21.03.18, after it being delayed by a month, because of a hacker attack on an Asian exchange in Jan, 18 ( he’s talking about Coincheck where 500mil dollars worth of NEM where stolen due to a security lack) which has absolutely zero correlation with Ducatus. But that’s the thing: public sale is the death of every PonziCrypto, so you make em believe it’s gonna happen one day, you make em hodl worthless coins and you let em trade it internally so they can actually associate some worth with it...
These poor ppl...I felt so bad for them sitting in there, listening to this high class crypto bs and not being able to do anything about it... At the end an elderly couple asked me if I already had talked to someone about my “recruitment”... At first I glanced and said “I’m fine gl with your thing”, but I couldn’t bother going back and reminding them of some basic principles. DYOR and never trust anyone but yourself and your understanding of what you’re invested in... Plain simple fact imo.
But i think a lot of, what I'd call "family feeling", comes to play with these MLM scams, It's making ppl delusional and not accept the most reasonable critique, even though it seems so mindbogling. Anyways they laughed and said whatever...
Sorry for tldr, but thought i had to share this one with the internet.
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Analysis of /u/btcthwy's blocks

I am a "block chain archaeologist" - that is, I look at old bitcoin blocks and link them together to find miners. Using this method, we can predict how many bitcoins were mined by early miners including Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Dustin Trammell, etc.
I have previously identified btcthwy (former designation BSE-2800) as having solved blocks 2800 (spent), 2815, and 2816 (spent). It is possible, but unlikely, that he also solved 2848 and 2984.
BSE-3182 is apparently also btcthwy, having solved 3182 (spent), 3192, and 3194 (spent). He may also be responsible for 3208 and 3215.
In the above graph, all blocks from 2800 to 3400 are plotted by extraNonce. Green blocks are btcthwy's blocks, orange blocks are likely to be his but not for certain, and gray blocks are everyone else's blocks.
The solid diagonal lines in the chart are blocks found by Satoshi Nakamoto. The slanted, less solid lines are other early adopters, including Finney and Trammell, but also some unidentified cypherpunks. The noise at the bottom are miners that are coming and going frequently; the people coming to see what the fuss is about, and usually leaving.
Just thought I'd share this, it's cool to finally identify new early adopters :)
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DUCATUS COIN  DUCATUS CRYPTOCURRENCY 24/7 Live Stream Server Farm : Mining Bitcoins / A.I Neural Network Mapping A.I Playing Games Earn Money with Bitcoin Mining Site at home  Work from home 5.28.18 - Bitcoin Mining - 100-300% profit? Swissmine Backoffice Deutsch #4 Erklärung

Dustin D. Trammell schrieb: Satoshi Nakamoto schrieb: Ich denke, in den 90ern waren viel mehr Leute interessiert, aber nach einer Dekade gescheiterter Systemen mit einer zu vertrauenden dritten Partei (Digicash, etc.) sahen sie es als einen hoffnungslosen Fall an. Ich hoffe, sie verstehen den Unterschied, dass dies hier das erste Mal ist, dass wir ein System versuchen, das nicht auf Vertrauen ... Alexander Benesch Ein realistischer Preis für eine Einheit der digitalen Währung Bitcoin liegt laut Berechnungen bei gerade einmal 4 US-Dollar. Wieso werden Bitcoins dann bei rund 140$ gehandelt? Die Antwort vom schwedischen Gründer der Piratenpartei und von einem führenden Kryptographen lautet: Hype und Kursmanipulationen durch eine Insider-Gruppe. Und zwar deswegen, weil der damalige Mitentwickler von Bitcoin, Dustin D. Trammell, gerade seine eigene Coin entwickelt. Wenn sie nur halbwegs so gut einschlägt, dann gibt es viel Geld zu verdienen. Mehr Infos HIER Gegebenenfalls auch interessant: Für Network-Interessierte Für die Allgemeinheit Eine Episode aus dem Bekanntenkreis: Vor kurzem hat mir ein Kollege eine interessante Begebenheit ... Dustin D. Trammell:: Dustin is an entrepreneur and security researcher and one of the very early Bitcoin adopters. His Bitcoin related articles shed light on topics many Bitcoin newbies would never know of without his statements. Economics of Bitcoin:: The author Peter Surda is a Slovakian early Bitcoin adopter who does a lot of reasearch. He shares his results on this blog. GavinTech:: Gavin ... Satoshi had a mailing list one of such was to Dustin Trammell where he said …after more than a decade of failed Trusted Third Party based systems (Digicash, etc), they see it as a lost cause. I hope they can make the distinction, that this is the first time I know of that we’re trying a non-trust based system. — Satoshi Nakamoto in an E-Mail to Dustin Trammell The Bitcoin network went ...

[index] [47638] [377] [13678] [28767] [220] [44173] [22455] [6692] [37420] [51113]


Swissmine Viele Chancen kommen und gehen doch dieses wird nicht gehen. Du solltest Swissmine nicht verpassen! Wir haben zwar nicht die Nr.1 von Bitcoin aber dafür die Nr.2 Einer der bekanntesten ... HẸN GẶP CÁC BẠN TẠI ROME VÀO 21/10/2017. La persona intervistata da Marzia Roncacci è Dustin trammell in Italia per la presentazione della blockchain di Ducatus. Dustin è uno dei personaggi più riconosciuti nel mondo della blockchain ... Welcome to the server farm. Starting up a new mining rig , and working on a ATM Bitcoin Machine . Watching live time all global attacks happening on the international fiber networks and sea cables . Anche se non abbiamo l'1 del Bitcoin ma il n ° 2 Uno della persona più conosciuta dietro Bitcoin: Dustin D. Trammell è consulente per lo sviluppo della moneta e di sviluppo della tecnologia ...