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Hello guys,
I want to show you something. Something I have in mind for a while. I don't know when it is time to show it, but maybe now when is quite. I very much regret that I don't have my first coinmarketcap printscreen when I started checking cryptocurrencies at 2012 but there are a lot of websites that do this :-)
It's for reflection. That where Bytecoin is after so many years :-) Bytecoin was created at 2012. It was listed in 2014 on coinmarketcap. The first printscreen available for domain is 09.05.2013. I compared the ranking of the back then and the present. Interesting where Bytecoin is located back then and now.
I think Bytecoin is one of the most underrated projects in the whole cryptcurrencies world.

1. Bitcoin - Current Rank 1
2. Litecoin - Current Rank 6
  1. Namecoin - Current Rank 362
  2. PPCoin - Current Rank 440
  3. Feathercoin -Current Rank 607
  4. Terracoin - Current Rank 684
  5. Devcoin - not rank anymore
  6. Freicoin - Current Rank 1315
  7. Novacoin - Current Rank 960
  8. CHNcoin - not rank anymore
  9. BBQCoin - not rank anymore
  10. Ixcoin - Current Rank 1057
  11. Mincoin - Current Rank 1486
  12. BitBar - Current Rank 1469
15. Bytecoin - Current Rank 72
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May 9, 2013 is the earliest copy of the page saved in the Internet Wayback Machine - Bitcoin's price was $111.83 and its market cap is $1.24B; right, now its price is $5,726.59 and its market cap is $94.81B.
So, where are those 14 cryptocurrencies now, almost 4 1/2 years later?
Bitcoin 1 -> 1
Litecoin 2 -> 5
PPCoin 3 -> 115 (now listed as Peercoin)
Namecoin 4 -> 169
Feathercoin 5 -> 202
Terracoin 6 -> 300
Devcoin 7 -> 655
Freicoin 8 -> 516
Novacoin 9 -> 276
CHNCoin 10 -> 874
BBQCoin 11 -> 932
Mincoin 12 -> ? (new name? couldn't find it as "Min" either)
BitBar 13 -> 473
Ixcoin 14 -> 576 (1,221 total cryptocurrencies listed)*/
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